World Distribution of Leishmaniases

Atlas of Diseases, Plate 14, Department of Medical Geography, American Geographical Society. New York, N. Y. 1954. 25 × 38 inches. Price $1.25 folded, $1.50 flat

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This map furnishes comprehensive information on a variety of subjects related to the geographical distribution of visceral, cutaneous and muco-cutaneous leishmaniasis. Centered above on its face is a Briesemeister elliptical projection of the world, showing (in red) different population densities, while the prevailing winds in areas of high frequency of these diseases are indicated by green arrows. Below there is an enlargement of the countries in which the infections are indigenous, with two degrees of density for each (in black for visceral, in red for cutaneous, and in green for muco-cutaneous leishmaniasis). Greater enlargements are found for the Middle and Near East, the countries bordering on the western Mediterranean, and Peru. Additional data include “spotting” with the letter “R” of regions where reservoir hosts have been reported, and names of the species of Phlebotomus proved or believed to be the vectors are recorded near the sites where they have been collected.