Animal Agents and Vectors of Human Disease

by Ernest Carroll Faust, M.A., Ph.D., The William Vincent Professor of Tropical Diseases and Hygiene, and Head, Division of Parasitology, Department of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, The Tulane University of Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana; Member, Expert Panel on Parasitic Diseases, WHO; Member, Committee on Revision U. S. Pharmacopeia, 1950–1960. 660 pages, 216 illustrations, 9 plates, 1 in color. Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1955. Price $9.75

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This volume covers the diseases caused by protozoa, helminths, arthropods, fishes, reptiles and certain mammals. Arthropods as vectors of disease are discussed in detail. There is a section on parasitologic and immunologic diagnostic tests. Useful, well-organized, brief tables summarize: 1. the natural history of the more important protozoan and helminthic parasites of man; 2. pathologic effects and clinical manifestations produced by animal agents of disease; 3. diagnostic examination for animal agents of disease; 4. standard therapeutic procedures. The text material is well-organized and is supplemented by excellent drawings and photographs. Unfortunately the illustrations of the malaria parasites are in black and white rather than in color. The bibliography is complete, current and includes many of the more important contributions. This excellent textbook, written by a master parasitologist, will prove especially valuable to medical students. Physicians, graduate students in soology and parasitology, laboratory technologists, and public health workers will also find this volume very useful.