Discussion of the Paper by Robert E. Kuntz

George R. LaRue Bureau of Animal Industry, Beltsville, Maryland

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Dr. Kuntz's presentation has made it very clear that the schistosome problem is much more complex and more widespread geographically than most of us realized. Failure to recognize this complexity results in part from the lack of a comprehensive review of the species of parasites and of the hosts involved, and of the areas where schistosomes occur. Most of us have been aware of no more than certain segments of the problem. We have not realized that in one aspect or another the schistosome problem is of concern to parasitologists and workers in the health sciences in most of the inhabited parts of the globe. We owe much to Dr. Kuntz for this presentation, which certainly has suffered because of the limitation of time.

Speaking as a taxonomist, the precise identification of the species of blood flukes and their snail hosts is a matter of utmost importance.

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