Atypical Chronic Intestinal Shigellosis

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  • Abbasia Faculty of Medicine, Veterinary Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt


1. The stools of 426 cases suffering from chronic abdominal pain, flatulence, constipation and/or dyspepsia on one hand, and those of 392 cases suffering from chronic dysentery and diarrhea on the other, were examined over the same period of time for Shigella organisms. Only one stool sample was cultured from each case. Thirty-two cases in the former group and twenty cases in the latter group were found to have Shigella organisms in their stools. This condition of chronic atypical intestinal shigellosis was studied in detail from the clinical point of view, together with radiologic and sigmoidoscopic examinations in some cases. It is considered to be a distinct form of the disease intermediate between the carrier state and that of frank diarrhea or dysentery.