Atabrine in Hepatic Amebiasis

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  • Abbasia Faculty of Medicine, Research Section, Veterinary Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt
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Atabrine cured a case of acute amebic hepatitis which received the drug orally, and a case of advanced amebic abscess of the liver to which, besides oral therapy, intrahepatic instillations of the drug were given. It failed to cure two other cases of advanced amebic liver abscess which received the drug by the oral route only. Inadequate dosage in one of the two latter cases, and secondary infection in the other probably contributed to the failure. In vitro studies on Endamoeba histolytica showed that atabrine is about 10 times more effective than chloroquine and about 40 per cent as effective as emetine. A dosage schedule for atabrine in hepatic amebiasis has been set up on a purely tentative basis.