The Great Malaria Problem and Its Solution

from The Memoirs of Ronald Ross. xxii + 236 pages. The Keynes Press, BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JR, UK. 1988. $73.00

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This is an adaptation of the central portion (Part II) of The Memoirs, published originally in 1923 by John Murray, London. It covers those years Surgeon Ross spent on military duty in India and is his story of his discovery of a malarial parasite in the mosquito. His preface is included, and an introduction by L J Bruce-Chwatt provides information concerning the life of Sir Ronald to place the excerpted material in perspective. There also is a glossary of the major scientific terms used by Ross, prepared by Bruce-Chwatt in association with P C G Garnham.

The main points of this epochal work are well-known and need not be recounted here. In addition to his story of his scientific accomplishments, recorded primarily in the copious Manson-Ross correspondence, there is a record of the man who was Ross. The preface contains prime examples of his acerbic outlook.