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  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843

18 January 1988

To the Editor:

The following letter relates to the article by Neill and others on the ultrastructure of Schistosoma mansoni eggs appearing on pages 142–164 of the current issue. It has been slightly modified by the Editor.

18 January 198

To the Editor:

We have noted the comments of one of the referees and remain unabashed in our use of eponyms in our description of the ultrastructure of the Schistosoma mansoni egg. The terms and those honored are:

Reynolds' layer—Edward S. Reynolds—Creator of the lead citrate strain who taught us to quantitate and carefully interpret electron micrographs; his advice, encouragement and support over 20 years of investigation warrants his part in these discoveries.

von Lichtenberg's cells (and envelope)—Franz von Lichtenberg—Pioneer researcher in schistosomiasis whose ideas, enthusiasm, and encouragement has directly or indirectly nurtured the model concepts of schistosome biology as pertains to granuloma formation, overall pathobiology, and immunology of schistosomal infections.