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As reported to the Councilors and the General Meeting in Los Angeles volumes 36 and 37 of the Journal published in 1987 contained 193 articles on 1,400 pages, a 200-page increase over previous years.

Following the action of the Society to change ARTICLE IV, Section 1, of the Constitution, the Councilors during the Los Angeles meeting of the Society determined that the Journal would be changed to a monthly publication, to begin with the July 1988 issue. For fiscal reasons the total number of pages to be published during 1988 will not exceed 1,400.

While retaining the number of pages at this maximum there are numerous ways in which the number of articles per year can be increased and published in a more timely fashion. Some of these were considered recently by the Editorial Board. Their observations are summarized herein for prospective authors, pending the publication of a list of instruction concerning the submission of manuscripts.