Manifestations Ophthalmologiques des Parasitoses

edited by J. S. Diallo. x + 358 pages, illustrated. Masson, 120 boulevard St. Germain, 75280 Paris, France. 1985

Pierre Viens Département de, Microbiologie et Immunologie, Université de Montréal, C.P. 6128 Montréal H3C 3J7, Canada

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This book covers the span of parasitology and mycology, with emphasis on ocular manifestations. When it comes to giardiasis, trichuriasis, schistosomiasis, and others, a great deal of good will is needed to give credence to some of the “relationships” with accompanying eye pathologies; the inexperienced reader will find it difficult to discriminate among hypothesis, guesswork, and facts. On the other hand, all chapters provide up-to-date, and at times original, parasitological data of great interest.

As expected, emphasis is placed on toxoplasmosis, onchocerciasis, cysticercosis, and visceral larva migrans. Coverage of the last three is of considerable academic and practical value, as is a remarkable 62-page chapter with 153 references by François and Rysselaere on mycoses. Fifty-eight pages are devoted to toxoplasmosis, where Remky (Munich), out of 18,000 references, consulted 3,500, quoted 753, and listed 132. Such a luxuriance of epidemiological and clinical features, some of which are from personal observations or more or less forgotten literature, is rare.

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