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Chemotherapy of Malaria

Revised second edition, edited by L. J. Bruce-Chwatt. vi + 261 pages, illustrated. World Health Organization, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland. 1986. Sw. fr. 44.

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This revised edition of a 1981 second edition attempts in five inserted pages to describe “developments in malaria chemotherapy, 1981–1986.” This is a misstatement since the last reference used is from late 1984, and the bulk of the material used is from the Report of a Scientific Group on Chemotherapy which met in Geneva in 1983 (WHO TR 711). Although the cover carries the names of the original authors it is not at all clear who produced these five new pages. The author(s) indicate that these recent findings have necessitated a certain number of changes in the main chapters of this book. These are not identified.

These did not include a change in the maps showing the distribution of drug-resistant falciparum malaria which are noted in the text to be as of 1980. Why was the page 156 footnote, stating that the latest information on the risk of contracting malaria can be found in the Weekly Epidemiological Record, No. 22, 1979, not deleted?