A Bibliography of Chagas' Disease (1968–1984)

compiled by James A. Dvorak, Carter G. Gibson, and Alberto Maekelt. ix + 397 pages, illustrated. National Institutes of Health, Pan American Health Organization, and the World Health Organization, 535 Twenty-third Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20037. 1985

Louis J. Olivier Cleveland, South Carolina

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This is a valuable piece of work, one that many investigators, health workers and practitioners will use and be very grateful for.

The authors have compiled all the pertinent citations (2,457) found in MEDLARS between 1968 and 1985. That time frame was chosen because the bibliography was conceived of as an update of the Bibliography on Chagas' Disease (1909–1969) published in 1972 by the Index-Catalogue of Medical and Veterinary Zoology.

The bibliography first presents all the citations. They are grouped by year of appearance and, within the year, in alphabetical order by first author. Each citation is also given a serial number. The citation list is followed by a subject index comprised of 995 topics under the general headings of Epidemiology, Human Disease and Experimental Research. Each subject index topic is followed by a list of the serial numbers of the citations which contain information on that subject.

Author Notes