Illustrated Guide to the Protozoa

edited by J. J. Lee, S. H. Hutner, and E. C. Bovee. ix + 630 pages, illustrated. Society of Protozoologists, 1041 New Hampshire Street, P.O. Box 368, Lawrence, Kansas 66044. 1985. $80.00 nonmembers; $60.00 members

R. Fayer Animal Parasitology Institute, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland 20705

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Nearly twenty years have passed since Richard B. Kudo authored Protozoology, the last major single volume reference dealing with the biology and taxonomy of the protozoa. This Guide, whose title understates the tremendous scope of this book, was undertaken as a project by the Society of Protozoologists. It not only fills the very large gap left by the absence of an updated version of the classic Protozoology, but sets a new standard for such reference works. The Guide is a single volume designed to facilitate identification of eukaryotic protists for professionals and students and to place them in an up-to-date taxonomic scheme developed to near-consensus among protozoologists of the Levine Committee (1980).

The book is large, both in page size (2.16 × 38 cm) and page number (629 pages). Despite its size the authors state that for maximum utility many species have been left out so that some groups are well covered and others less so.