Hunter's Tropical Medicine

Sixth edition, edited by G. Thomas Strickland. vi + 1,057 pages, illustrated. W. B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19105. 1983. $85.00

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This is the sixth review of this book published by the Journal in the last 40 years. The first was by Colonel Craig who opined that the book “… may be cordially recommended as an excellent manual upon tropical medicine.” It was almost pocket-sized with 727 pages.

Harry Most (1955) reviewed the second edition noting that some 200 pages had been added and the cost was $12.00. The third edition was reviewed by Richard Porter (1961) who considered that “… it has earned a place of importance in the library of every health worker concerned with tropical disease.” His major concern was the omission of references.

Frank Neva (1967) in discussion of the fourth edition, which sold for $18.50, considered the meaning of the term “tropical medicine” and wondered what it really should encompass.