Medicine in the Tropics

Second Edition, edited by A. W. Woodruff and S. G. Wright. 657 pages, illustrated. Churchill Livingstone Inc., 1560 Broadway, New York, New York 10036. 1984. $62.00.

David F. Clyde The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and and Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland 21205

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During the 10 years that have elapsed since publication of the first edition of this book, developments, especially in molecular biology, immunology and chemotherapy, have brought about radical changes in the understanding and handling of a number of the diseases and conditions prevalent in the tropics and subtropics. These developments are proceeding at a pace that threatens the relevant sections of textbooks such as this with obsolescence almost upon their publication. This challenge to the editors has been met here as well as possible. Nevertheless, individual authorship of the 38 chapters results in uneveness in style, content and freshness; the accounts vary in balance between etiological and clinical characteristics, and some have been more adequately updated than others.

The book follows a traditional format of chapters devoted to each major condition peculiar to or emanating from warm climates. The conditions are generally dealt with in terms of etiological agent, epidemiology, distribution, immunology, pathology, clinical aspects, diagnosis, treatment and management.

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