Schistosomiasis: Epidemiology, Treatment and Control

by Peter Jordan and Gerald Webbe. x + 361 pages, illustrated. William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd., 23 Bedford Square, London. 1982. Reissue by Heyden & Son, Inc., 247 South 41st Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104. $35.00

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These authors, well known for their work in this field, considered that advances in schistosomiasis in many fronts warranted this publication in 1982, and, indeed, the book does cover many aspects of schistosomiasis developing between World War II and 1980. To some who are acquainted with this period it will seem like history, but a history which recounts sound principles of dealing with this vast problem.

Some parts are not at a 1980 level. In Chapter 6, Schistosoma japonicum and S. japonicum-like infections, there is the statement that 5% of the world's population resides in S. japonicum-endemic areas, followed shortly by the statement that there are endemic areas on two of Japan's main islands. Correct, but the reader should have been told that in the four endemic areas on Honshu a 1973 study of 19,000 inhabitants produced only 124 who had eggs in their feces.