Critical Reviews in Tropical Medicine, Volume 2

edited by R. K. Chandra. xv + 273 pages. Plenum Publishing Corporation, 233 Spring Street, New York, New York 10013. 1984. $45.00

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  • Engineering & Economics Research, Inc, Germantown, Maryland 20767
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This is the second volume in this series. It is difficult to see what about this slim tome justifies its rather alarmingly high price. The editor expresses hope that the book will be of use ot workers in the tropics and to those whose awareness of the medical problems of the developing world is limited. His hopes are misplace.

The opening chapter, an encomium of the WHO Special Programme can scarcely be called a critical review; rather it reads like a recruiting pitch.

The second review on infant and child mortality provides some intereting and detailed discussion of methodologies, as viewed from an economist's point of view, but discussion of factors is rather more perfunctory than the massive topic deserves.

Chapters on oral rehydration, non-erythroid iron deficiency and hypolactasia do not appear to comprise –critical reviews” nor do they appear to be directed at the same audience invoked by the editor.