Women, Health and Development in the Americas: An Annotated Bibliography

by the Pan American Health Organization. viii + 106 pages. Pan American Health Organization, Washington, DC. 1984. $7.00

The title of this publication describes its contents, and the introduction states its purpose: “to help Member Governments successfully integrate women into new and continuing health and development programs in the Region.”

Part I, “Women and Health,” contains 165 entries divided into twenty-five sections on women's health issues from abortion to traditional medicine. Part II is titled “Women and Development” with eighty-one entries divided into six sections and is oriented primarily to the role of women in the community. There is an author index as well as two annexes providing information on bibliographies, journals, periodicals, and newsletters.

Each entry lists the title of a reference followed by one or two descriptive paragraphs of its contents and concludes with the source and/or publisher of the document. This will be a useful resource, particularly in areas where local library facilities are limited.