Tropical Microbiology

by D. G. Montefiore, K. O. Alausa, and O. Tomori. viii + 358 pages, illustrated. Churchill Livingstone, Inc., 1560 Broadway, New York, New York 10036. 1984. $14.00

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  • Research Professor, Medical Technology University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
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This textbook is the outgrowth of lectures in bacteriology, immunology and virology delivered to undergraduate medical and dental students in Nigeria. Each chapter begins with an introductory section entitled “Tropical Implications.” Discussed in this are special factors such as poor nutrition and hygiene, and environmental conditions influencing the subject, such as the incidence and severity of a given infection.

The first four chapters cover the structure and laboratory handling of bacteria, their occurrence as normal and pathogenic flora, the collection of specimens and the application in tropical countries of appropriate sterilization and disinfectant procedures to surgical instruments and other materials. The next four chapters provide an introduction to the immunology of infection, the serology of antigen-antibody reactions, hypersensitivity, and immunity, infection and immunodeficiencies. The supporting tabular material and figures for these subjects are quite good.

Chapters 9 through 25 cover infectious diseases of bacterial etiology. The material is presented in an expanded outline format.