Cerebral Cysticercosis: Treatment with Praziquantel

Report of Two Cases

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  • Medical Policlinic, Department of International Medicine
  • | Neurological Clinic
  • | § Institute of Radiodiagnostic
  • | Institute of Parasitology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
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Two patients with cerebral cysticercosis are described: one with a long-standing infection with multiple intracerebral calcifications, and one who had become infected only recently. Treatment with praziquantel 50 mg/kg body weight daily for 14 days resulted in clinical and radiological improvement in the first patient, although she obviously still harbored a number of viable non-calcified parasites. The second patient was completely cured by the same praziquantel regimen. Both patients needed temporary corticosteroid treatment to suppress development of intracranial hypertension. Computerized tomographic scanning and regular measurement of serum antibody titers against cysticercal and echinococcal antigen seem appropriate methods for follow-up of the effect of chemotherapy.