Trichinella and Trichinosis

edited by William C. Campbell. xiii + 581 pages, illustrated. Plenum Press, 233 Spring Steet, New York, New York 10013. 1983. $95.00

M. D. Little Department of Tropical Medicine Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

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This book follows in the tradition of the two renowned books on trichinosis by the late S. E. Gould, i.e., Trichinosis, published in 1945, and Trichinosis in Man and Animals, published in 1970. In a similar manner, this book is intended to provide a comprehensive review of the nematode parasite Trichinella and the disease it produces in man and animals. It attempts to incorporate the enormous amount of information obtained since the publication of Gould's latter book. The 17 chapters and two appendices are written by an array of authors from the United States, Canada and Europe, most of whom are internationally recognized for their work on Trichinella.

The chapters and authors are: “Historical Introduction” by William C. Campbell, “Species and Infraspecific Variation” by Terry A. Dick, “Biology” by Dickson D. Despommier, “Biochemistry” by George L. Stewart, “Anatomical Pathology” by Normal F. Weatherly, “Pathophysiology of the Gastrointestinal Phase” by Gilbert A. Castro and Graham R. Bullick, “Pathophysiology of the Muscle Phase” by George L. Stewart, “The Immune Response” by Derek Wakelin and David A. Denham, “Antigens” by David S. Silberstein, “Chemotherapy” by William C. Campbell and David A. Denham, “Clinical Aspects in Man” by Zbigniew S. Pawlowski, “Immunodiagnosis in Man” by Inger Ljungström, “Epidemiology I: Modes of Transmission” by William C. Campbell, “Epidemiology II: Geographic Distribution and Prevalence” by Charles W. Kim, “Control I: Public Health Aspects (with Special Reference to the United States)” by Jack C. Leighty, “Control II: Surveillance in Swine and Other Mammals by Muscle Examination” by William J. Zimmerman, and “Control III: Surveillance in Swine by Immunodiagnostic Methods” by E. Joost Ruitenberg, Frans Van Knapen, and Anneke Elgersma.

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