Perspectives in Trypanosomiasis Research

edited by John R. Baker. viii + 105 pages. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., One Wiley Drive, Somerset, New Jersey 08873. 1982. $29.95

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  • Department of Parasitology & Laboratory Practice University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

This is a well-written and valuable book. It should be added to the library of anyone interested in the epidemiology and control of the trypanosomiases. It consists of a series of papers originally presented at the twenty-first seminar (1981) on trypanosomiases held in London. The contributors are all well recognized authorities in their respective areas. Each chapter attempts to present the present state of knowledge, as well as those areas of future research the authors considered to be most important and fruitful. The topics include the epidemiology of Trypanosoma cruzi, mechanical transmission, identification of field isolates, chemotherapy of both the African and American trypanosomiases in man and animals, and vector control for Chagas' disease as well as recent advances in tsetse biology and control. The most serious criticism of the book is that its title would suggest a more complete coverage of current research on the trypanosomiases.