Current Clinical Topics in Infectious Diseases

edited by Jack S. Remington and Morton S. Swartz. xi + 397 pages, illustrated. McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. 1982. $35.00

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  • Department of Pediatrics Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
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The first two volumes in the annual series of Current Clinical Topics in Infectious Diseases set a high standard which the third volume lives up to. The distinguished editors have selected outstanding authors to contribute “timely, concise summaries and critical commentaries” pertinent to students and specialists in infectious diseases alike. The subjects should be of interest to practitioners in all parts of the world, and concern children as well as adults.

Sexually Transmitted Enteric Diseases; Prophylaxis and Treatment of Malaria; Infections Associated with Intravascular Lines; Diagnosis and Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis; Newer Antifungal Agents and Their Use, Including an Update on Amphotericin B and Flucytosine, are the titles of 5 of the 15 chapters which make up the book, and they give an idea of the wide range of topics discussed.

Some of the chapters, such as Nucleoside Derivatives and Interferons as Antiviral Agents, include rather more theoretical discussion, whereas