Patterns of Antischistosomal Drug Usage in Qalyubia Governorate of the Nile Delta

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  • Qalyub Bilharziasis Project, Center for Field and Applied Research, Ministry of Health, Department of Tropical Medicine, Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112, Egypt

To further investigate factors responsible for the recently documented changes in schistosomiasis patterns in the Nile Delta, questionnaire-derived information on antischistosomal drug usage was obtained from a 25% systematic sample of 609 residents of a stable village in the south-central Delta. Ten percent of the population had received antischistosomal drugs during the previous 4 years. Most of the drugs administered were injectable compounds, and 92% of individuals receiving them failed to complete the treatment regimen. Additional sources of information from a village physician, a pharmacist and a major pharmaceutical corporation confirmed and expanded the survey findings, indicating that antischistosomal drug usage cannot explain the recently observed changing patterns of human schistosome infections in the Nile Delta region.