Volume 31 (1982): Issue 2 (Mar 1982)

Forest Malaria in Bangladesh
II. Transmission by Anopheles Dirus
Forest Malaria in Bangladesh
III. Breeding Habits of Anopheles Dirus
Observations on Early and Late Post-Sporozoite Tissue Stages in Primate Malaria
II. The hypnozoite of Plasmodium cynomolgi bastianellii from 3 to 105 Days After Infection, and Detection of 36- to 40-Hour Pre-Erythrocytic Forms
Mansonella Ozzardi in Haiti
III. A Comparison of the Sensitivity of Four Sampling Methods in Detecting Infections
The Cultivation in Vitro of Cells Derived from Adult Schistosoma Mansoni
I. Methodology; Criteria for Evaluation of Cultures; and Development of Media