Update I—Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine with CME Examination

Ninth Edition. Eds. K. J. Isselbacher, R. D. Adams, E. Braunwald, J. B. Martin, R. G. Petersdorf, and J. D. Wilson. x + 263 pages, illustrated. McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, NY. 1981. $30.00

Rodney C. Jung City of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70112

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This small (263 pages) book is an interesting compromise between the loose-leaf system and the standard text or reference book with new editions every few years. The rapid expansion of medical knowledge has led to the production of ever increasingly huge textbooks of medicine. With the present day costs of production these books are inevitably very costly.

The editors of this book decided to put out a series of small “Updates” to bridge the “gap” between editions. Four such are planned for the interval between the ninth and tenth editions.

This book is well done with chapters by learned authorities on the topics covered, but it is of interest more for the novel idea presented above than for the content. There are 16 topics presented. All are up-to-date and useful to clinicians but only one is specifically pertinent to tropical medicine. There is a paper on Infectious Diarrheal Syndromes by C. C. J. Carpenter and R. B. Sack.

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