Snake Venom Poisoning

by Findlay E. Russell. 576 pages, illustrated. Published by J. B. Lippincott, East Washington Sq., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19105. 1980. $35.00

Rodney C. Jung City of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

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This is an interesting book designed for physicians and written in a humorous style by a physician. Every conceivable aspect of the topic is covered, most of practical value, but some merely of interest.

As in other books on poisonous snakes there is a discussion of the phylogeny, structure and identification of poisonous snakes. This is aided by an excellent collection of black and white photographs of the North American species, with maps to show the distribution. Reproduction of these photographs is very clear although the offset method of printing results in lack of resolution in photographs of scenes.

More unusual in a book of this type is a chapter on the behavior of North American venomous snakes. This could be of practical value in some instances by providing information helping to prevent exposure to poisonous snakebite, but mostly it is just interesting background information.

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