The Coccidian Parasites (Protozoa, Apicomplexa) of Carnivores

by Norman D. Levine and Virginia Ivens. 248 pages, illustrated. (Illinois Biological Monographs 51.) University of Illinois Press, Box 5081, Station A, Champaign, Illinois 61820. $15.95

Ronald Fayer Animal Parasitology Institute, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland 20705

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This is the third monograph in the series, following one on coccidia of rodents and another on coccidia of ruminants. This monograph (248 pp.) is divided into an Introduction (5 pp.), a Systematic Section (149 pp.), a Discussion (4 pp.), a Summary (1 p.), a Glossary (5 pp.), Literature Cited (35 pp.), Figures and Plates (34 pp.), and an Index (5 pp.). The Introduction includes a taxonomic key of the Phylum Apicomplexa down to the genus level, a description of a typical coccidian life cycle with variations for each genus, and descriptions of specific stages within the life cycles. The authors admonish those “modern workers who ignored the International Rules of Zoological Nomenclature and introduced new names on their own.” But, the taxonomic and nomenclature problems and the resultant confusion regarding the naming of coccidia of carnivores are completely ignored. The genera Cystoisospora, Endorimospora, Hammondia, and Levinea are not mentioned, except as synonyms in the next section.