Color Atlas and Text of the Histopathology of Mycotic Diseases

by Francis W. Chandler, William Kaplan, and Libero Ajello. 333 pages, 604 color illustrations. Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., 35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago. 1980. About $80.00

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  • Department of Pathology, LSU Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

This publication is a welcome addition to the well-known Color Atlas Series printed by the Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc. The three authors, experts in histopathology and medical mycology at the Center for Disease Control, have collaborated and combined their talents to give a comprehensive Atlas on the importance of histopathology in the diagnoses of fungal, actinomycotic and algal infections found in man and animals. Written to increase the awareness of pathologists and their role in the diagnoses of mycotic diseases, the Atlas removes the mystery surrounding the identification of fungal agents by histopathological methods. The use of new staining techniques and immunofluorescence are definitive tools available today and this work shows how they can be used for diagnosis in the field of medical mycology. The impressive looking hard-bound book is a needed reference for the library of anyone interested in the mycoses.