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  • Regional Public Health Laboratories, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

24 OCTOBER 1980

To the Editor:

With reference to comments by Bancroft et al. on the article entitled “Epidemiological Investigation for Arboviruses in Jamaica, West Indies,” which appeared in an earlier issue of this Journal, it is stated on page 672, paragraph 2 of the second column, that two agents isolated in the dengue epidemic in 1963 were closely related to dengue 3 and dengue 4 by the complement-fixation test. This is in agreement with the statement by Bancroft and his associates in the first part of paragraph 2 of their comments.

There is an inadvertent omission on page 673, Table 9. In the second column headed “Virus type,” lines 14 and 15 should have read ?D3 and ?D4, respectively, and not “D3” and “D4.”

We thank Dr. Bancroft and his associates for their comments.