Immunoperoxidase Localization by Electron Microscopy of Soluble Egg Antigen and Human IgG in Circumoval Precipitin Reactions around Schistosoma Mansoni Eggs

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  • Laboratory of Parasite Immunology, Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Puerto Rico 00931
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Soluble egg antigen and human IgG were localized by the unlabelled antibody enzyme technique for electron microscopy on Schistosoma mansoni eggs having circumoval precipitin reactions. Reaction products indicating the presence of soluble egg antigen were on portions of the circumoval precipitate outside the egg, between the eggshell and vitelline membrane, and between the vitelline membrane and miracidium inside the egg. Reaction products indicating human IgG were only found on portions of the circumoval precipitate external to the eggshell.

Author Notes

On sabbatical leave from Department of Biological Sciences, California State University, Chico, California 95929.