Viruses Isolated from Aedeomyia Squamipennis Mosquitoes Collected in Panama, Ecuador, and Argentina: Establishment of the Gamboa Serogroup

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  • Vector-Borne Diseases Division, Bureau of Laboratories, Center for Disease Control, Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Instituto Nacional de Higiene, Institute of Virology, Post Office Box 2087, Fort Collins, Colorado 80522, Republic of Panama

Twenty-four virus strains were isolated from Aedeomyia squamipennis mosquitoes collected in Ecuador. One additional strain each was isolated from this species from Panama and Argentina. All 26 isolates were shown to be related serologically to prototype Gamboa virus, originally isolated from Ad. squamipennis mosquitoes collected in Panama. Antigenic comparisons of eight strains, including prototype Gamboa virus, indicated the existence of four distinct viruses. Neutralization tests with sera from a variety of mammalian and avian species from Argentina provided further evidence that Gamboa serogroup viruses are transmitted between Ad. squamipennis and birds.