Guthe, T. & R. R. Willcox, Treponematoses, A World Problem, WHO, Geneva, 1954

Distributed by Columbia University Press, International Documents Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, New York. 79 pp. Price 3/6, $0.50, Sw. fr. 2.-

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This WHO booklet describes the progress realized since World War II in combatting this group of infections. The effectiveness of penicillin and the organization of campaigns to reach those in need of treatment have had considerable impact on this health problem in areas where syphilis, yaws, and other endemic types of the infection are prevalent and where a “mass” approach has given hope of their eventual control. The book treats of the epidemiologic history of treponematoses, the control methods in use, and the integration of these measures with the general public health services. Besides maps, graphs and tables, the book contains a selective bibliography and will interest not only specialists but also the general public health worker and all concerned with tropical medicine and international health activities.