Les Animaux de Laboratoire (Anatomie, Particularités Physiologiques, Hématologie, Maladies naturelles, Expérimentation)

By Julien Dumas, Flammarion publ., Paris 1953, 720 pp., bound, $12

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This remarkable book should prove indispensable to all investigators—and especially so to microbiologists—whose work involves animal experimentation. We do not know of a more comprehensive treatment of the subject in any language, yet it is presented very concisely, with constant attention to practical problems.

The first section describes the anatomy, physiological peculiarities, hematology and breeding conditions of various laboratory animals (guinea pig, rabbit, mouse, rat, hamster, ferret, spermophile, hen, pigeon, monkey, cat and dog). The second section contains 50 pages of valuable information on the housing and feeding of these animals, as well as on the types of cages and their cleaning and disinfection. The third section describes, in great detail but in a concise and very orderly way, the various bacterial, viral, protozoan and helminthic diseases naturally occurring in the guinea pig, rabbit, mouse, rat, ferret, hen and monkey. The consequences of avitaminosis, the tumors and the ectoparasites are also described.