W.H.O. Expert Committee on Poliomyelitis, First Report

Technical Report Series No. 81. 69 pp., W.H.O. Geneva, 1954. Distributed by Columbia University Press, International Documents Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, New York. Price $.50, 3/6, Sw. fr. 2

L. W. Hackett
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This Expert Committee Report provides much valuable information on a disease which is a health problem of increasing importance and general interest. Since it is a First Report it will be of service to many readers, since it contains a review of recent advances that have been made as well as an account of present concepts of the essential nature of this disease. The subjects covered include the epidemiology of poliomyelitis, its clinical features, portals of entry and distribution of the virus in the body, immunization of the disease, advances in laboratory techniques, and control measures.

The present concept of transmission in epidemic areas is one of spread during close personal association with infected persons who are excreting virus in the feces and pharyngeal secretions. It is now thought that the portal of entry is usually the mouth, and that the primary site of infection is in the pharynx and the rest of the alimentary tract.