Influenza: A Review of Current Research by Various Authors

World Health Organization Monograph Series, No. 20, 224 pages. Geneva: W.H.O., Palais des Nations, or Columbia University Press, International Documents Services, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, N. Y. Price: 17/6d, U.S. $2.50, Sw. fr. 10.—. French edition in preparation

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This monograph consists of nine papers prepared by distinguished investigators in the field of influenza. The ground covered is beyond that encompassed in the usual text on influenza, the intention of the monograph being to cover the more important aspects of current research and investigation and to present in detail information usually presented in a general fashion in textbooks or reviews.

Epidemiologists will find much interesting and well correlated information in the three chapters on epidemiology. Some thought-provoking information is provided by Hilleman et al. on the possibility of predicting the susceptibility of a population for a particular virus.

A description of the virus and its properties and characteristics is presented by von Magnus, and recent work on the somatic and genetic aspects of influenza virus is outlined by Burnet. Burnet's chapter has high scientific interest because of the basic information recently obtained in the laboratory and the likelihood that similar techniques may provide data of fundamental importance in other viruses.