Manual of Clinical Mycology

by Norman F. Conant, Ph.D., David T. Smith, M.D., Roger D. Baker, M.D., Jasper L. Callaway, M.D., Duke University School of Medicine; and Donald S. Martin, M.D., Communicable Disease Center, Georgia. 2d edition: 456 pp., with 202 figures, Philadelphia and London: W. B. Saunders Co., 1954. Price $6.50

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The second edition of this Manual is increased in size by more than 100 pages by the addition of 88 new illustrations, making a total of 202, and by three additional chapters. The chapter on Actinomycosis has been separated into two chapters—one on Actinomycosis and the second on Nocardiosis. This perhaps is unwarranted. Two new chapters, one on tinea nigra palmaris and the other, a half page, is devoted to coniosporosis which is suggested as an allergic reaction rather than a true mycosis. The book is made up of 28 chapters including an appendix consisting of mycologic, pathologic, immunologic and dermatologic methods and a formulary. The increase in the number of pages, the additional information and the elaborate discussions of some of the mycoses appear to take this book out of the class of manuals. The lack of detailed information of some of the diseases, however, fails to place the book in the category of textbooks.