Diagnosis of Schistosomiasis by Complement-Fixation

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  • Departments of Serology and Medical Zoology, Army Medical Service Graduate School, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C.


An improved antigen for the complement-fixation test has been prepared by extracting desiccated adult schistosomes with anhydrous ether in the cold (-15 to -18°C.) prior to final extraction with buffered salt solution. Preliminary extraction with ether markedly reduced a tendency of the antigen to react with syphilitic serum without appreciably altering its capacity to fix complement specifically with serum from schistosome-infected individuals.

Sera from persons infected with S. mansoni or S. japonicum could not be differentiated on the basis of their capacity to react with antigens from the homologous and heterologous parasites.

The complement-fixation test is discussed from the point of view of its value in the diagnosis of schistosomiasis.

Author Notes

Lt. Colonel, MSC.

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