Some Recent Studies in Brazilian Pemphigus

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  • Instituto Adhemar de Barros, Serviço do Penfigo Foliaceo, Department of Dermatology of the College of Medicine of the University of Cincinnati, São Paulo, Brasil
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A characteristic feature of dermatology of the New World is the endemic pemphigus of the central part of South America. Any studies relative to this striking type of skin reaction should be of interest to those in tropical medicine, for there are many problems of epidemiology, differential diagnosis and therapy, all related to dermatology in the tropics. Since this is the most extensive, most active, and perhaps only focus of endemic pemphigus in the world, there are still those outside of Brazil who doubt the relationship of the pemphigus of Brazil to pemphigus seen elsewhere in the world. Since no one knows what pemphigus is, one can argue only about clinical features. For those who actually work with the cases in Brazil, there is no doubt about the morphological relationships to pemphigus.

The classification of true pemphigus today is considered by Lever (1953) to be:

  1. 1)pemphigus vulgaris malignus
  2. 2)pemphigus vegetans
  3. 3)pemphigus foliaceus
  4. 4)pemphigus erythematosus (Senear-Usher)