Malaria Control at Lake Vera, California, in 1952–53

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  • Bureau of Vector Control, California State Department of Public Health, and Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District
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The outbreak of malaria at Lake Vera in Nevada County, California, in 1952 (Brunetti et al., 1953; Brunetti, 1953; Gray, 1953, 1953a; Fontaine, 1953) made it imperative that control measures be taken to prevent a recurrence of the disease in the following year. Not only was it desirable that the health of nearly 1,800 persons be protected, but the Oakland, Piedmont, Vallejo and Sacramento Councils of the Camp Fire Girls had a considerable investment in equipment and facilities at the four camps which would be jeopardized by a recurrence of the outbreak. In the absence of an effective local health department in this county and because of the wide area of the State from which the occupants of the four camps came, the State Department of Public Health initiated the epidemiological studies and the necessary control work.