Map of World Distribution of Rickettsial Diseases, Tick-borne and Mite-borne Forms

(No. 11 of the series in preparation of an Atlas of Diseases). By Department of Medical Geography, American Geographical Society. New York, American Geographical Society, 1954, Price $1.25 folded, $1.50 flat

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Like other maps of this series dealing with infectious diseases, this one, concerned with the distribution of the tick-borne and mite-borne forms of rickettsial diseases, represents a highly useful contribution to the practicing epidemiologist, to the teacher of epidemiology and to others concerned with rickettsial diseases. The preparation of the map obviously involved collation and integration of a tremendous amount of literature.

If, therefore, an occasional error is uncovered, it is understandable if one comprehends the magnitude of the task undertaken in the preparation of these plates. Consequently, to raise objections is, to some extent, merely to cavil. Thus, to indicate the occurrence of two different diseases within a geographic area, a single color is used. Perhaps this is, on the whole, justifiable, but it may, in some cases at least, be misleading. For example, the Pacific Coast of the United States is indicated as being an area of both tick-borne typhus and of Q fever.