The Effect of Treatment and Sanitation on Hookworm Infection in Cholburi Province (Central Thailand)

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  • Public Health Office, Special Technical and Economic Mission to Thailand, Mutual Security Agency (now Foreign Operation Administration), and the Division of Communicable Disease Control, Department of Health, Thai Ministry of Public Health

Discussion and Summary

The results of this study, in general, indicate that a significant reduction of the worm burden is already evident one year after the establishment of control measures. When sanitation constituted the only control measure, the average intensity of infection decreased. Best results were obtained, however, whenever treatment and sanitation were carried out in the same place. No studies on the effect of treatment alone have been carried out since no further evidence is needed of the ineffectiveness of treating a portion of the population without sanitation other than for its educational value and temporary individual relief.

This study indicates that continued sanitation and mass treatment represent the best methods to reduce hookworm infection in Thailand to the point where it will cease to be a public health problem.

Author Notes

Scientist, Division of International Health, Public Health Service

Medical Officer, Department of Health, Thai Ministry of Public Health

Senior Technician, Department of Health, Thai Ministry of Public Health