A Half Century of Tropical Medicine

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  • Department of Tropical Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Mass.
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The celebration of a fiftieth anniversary is an occasion for the examination of origins and achievements, and an attempt to set a course for the future. What has been prepared is an account of growing up and not just of growing old. Biographical sketches of the American Society of Tropical Medicine were written by the Society's secretary, Dr. John G. Swan, on the tenth anniversary (Swan, 1913) and by Dr. Ernest Carroll Faust on the fortieth anniversary of the Society (Faust, 1944). Repetition in part is necessary but an additional attempt will be made to present the background that led to the organization of a society of tropical medicine in this country, an account about some of the personalities involved in the early years of its existence and a summary of the notable achievements in medicine and public health on which to build the future of tropical medicine in America.