Atlas of Diseases

1. Poliomyelitis, 2. Cholera, 3. Malaria Vectors, 4. Helminthiases, 5. Dengue and Yellow Fever, 6. Plague, 7. Leprosy, 8. Study in Human Starvation, I. Sources of Selected Foods, 9. Study in Human Starvation, II. Diets and Deficiency Diseases, 10. Rickettsial Diseases, I. Mouse-borne and Flea-borne Typhus. Department of Medical Geography, American Geographical Society, New York 32, N. Y. 1952–1953. Price $1.25 each

L. W. Hackett
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Ten sheets have now been published of the 25 which will make up the Atlas of Diseases being compiled by the Department of Medical Geography of the American Geographical Society. On each sheet a number of medical maps are plotted to show the world distribution of selected diseases and deficiencies in a compact and readable way. This census of known facts is the first step toward a study of the geographic correlations which foster the occurrence of a specific disease in a given area at a given time.

Like all maps of this sort, they cannot be entirely correct, complete, or up-to-date. This of course is mainly due to errors or inadequacies of the sources of information. Experts in the different diseases, to whom the maps were sent by this Editor, were unanimous in saying that all contain a great deal of useful information and present a very interesting and worthwhile compilation of data scattered in many different places.