Expert Committee on Plague, Second Report

WHO Technical Report Series No. 74. 13 pp. Available also in French edition. WHO, Geneva, 1953. Distributed by Columbia University Press, International Documents Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, New York. Price $.10, 9 d., 30.00, Sw. Fr. 0.40

L. W. Hackett
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Recent scientific advances have greatly increased the available means of plague control. The sulfonamides and antibiotics, new rodenticides, and more effective pulicides have led to rapid progress in the treatment and the prevention of this disease, in the protection of contacts, in the extermination of rats, and in flea control.

The second report of the Expert Committee on Plague summarizes in concise form the results of plague-control experience in recent years. In certain regions these results have been most impressive. The report also gives an account of surveys on the role of wild rodents in the transmission of plague, enumerates the procedures for distinguishing the plague bacillus from the pseudotuberculosis bacillus, and describes the basic methods for the laboratory diagnosis of the disease.