Political Implications of Global Tropical Medicine

Frank P. Corrigan
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A symposium of this kind is useful in bringing to public attention the importance of tropical medicine and the ravages of tropical diseases as they occur in much of the globe which lies outside of the limited area comprised between those two imaginary lines—the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer, the geographical designation of the tropics. There is no need to tell a gathering of this kind, but the general public needs to be educated to the fact that tropical diseases (so called) are not limited to the tropics. Only this morning I was discussing the epidemic of amebic dysentery which many surgeons, Fellows of the American College of Surgeons, picked up at the Clinical Congress of that organization in Chicago in 1933. Other striking examples like the historic yellow fever epidemics in Philadelphia and New York have been almost forgotten.

Author Notes

President, The Latin American Foundation; Representative for International Affairs, American College of Surgeons; Observer, the United Nations, N. Y., and WHO, Geneva.