World Directory of Medical Schools

WHO. 220 pp., clothbound, bilingual edition, English-French. Geneva, 1953. Distributed by Columbia University Press, International Documents Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, New York. Price $4., 25/-, Fr. Fr. 1,200. Sw. fr. 15

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More than 500 medical teaching institutions are listed in this Directory in tabular form, with columns indicating date of founding, public or private nature, academic year, conditions of admission, number of teachers and students, number admitted and graduated each year, degrees conferred, language of instruction, length of course and tuition fees. The data were collected from the institutions themselves in most cases. New editions are planned at intervals to correct and bring up to date the information presented. Unfortunately the 20 pages devoted to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, while listing the institutions of medical education, are completely blank as regards all the information listed above, and of the satellite countries we know almost as little. Otherwise, the directory is surprisingly comprehensive and will have many uses.