Clinical Tropical Diseases

by A. R. D. Adams and B. G. Maegraith, from the School of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool. 508 pp. illustrated. Springfield, Illinois: Charles C Thomas, 1953. Price $10.50

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The avowed purpose of this new handbook is to provide that “information essential for the clinical diagnosis and the treatment of those diseases which occur primarily in the tropics.” Essential facts are supplied “as dogmatically and concisely” as possible. None other than “the most brief descriptions” are presented of the causative organisms or of the responsible vectors as “such information is readily available in the textbooks on bacteriology and parasitology.” To achieve this objective, the subject matter is presented in a series of 47 short chapters, which are organized on an alphabetical rather than etiological basis. No references are cited. The format is pleasing, and the point is made that the book is bound in insect-proof cloth.

In general, the stated objectives are achieved with the presentation of brief clinical summaries and resumés of accepted methods of treatment. Yet, not infrequently, statements are made that appear to the reviewer to be unduly dogmatic and to require qualification.