First International Symposium on Yaws Control, Bangkok, 1952

WHO Monograph Series No. 15. Mixed language edition. 418 pp., 32 plates. WHO, Geneva. Distributed by Columbia University Press, International Documents Service, 2960 Broadway, New York 27, New York. Price $4.50; Fr. fr. 1,440; Sw. fr. 18

L. W. Hackett
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A world map of the geographical distribution of yaws shows this hideous and disabling infection to be coextensive with the tropics around the world. Two circumstances which happened to coincide in time have brought the disease into prominent notice in recent years: the development of an effective and relatively inexpensive therapy with antibiotics, which almost realizes Ehrlich's dream of a single-injection cure, and the strong impulse given to international health work by the creation of the WHO. This symposium, which consists of 18 papers running to 392 pages and abundantly illustrated, covers in a methodical way our present knowledge of yaws—its biology, epidemiology, treatment and control—with examples drawn from experience in the tropics of South East Asia, Africa and the Americas. There are still many problems: its exact relationship to syphilis; the role of insects in transmission; classification of latent stages; the optimum treatment schedule; and the best measures of control.

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