Prevalence of Histoplasmin Sensitivity in Pakistan

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  • Tuberculosis Research Center of Pakistan Medical Research Council and Pakistan Medical Research Center, University of Maryland, International Center for Medical Research and Training, Lahore, Pakistan
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A total of 575 subjects, comprising healthy men, women, and school children as well as pulmonary tuberculosis and leprosy patients in different areas of the Punjab region of Pakistan, were tested for histoplasmin skin sensitivity. All, with the exception of those who presumably had been exposed to the fungus in some other country, were found to be non-reactors to histoplasmin. The preliminary findings suggest that histoplasmosis is not endemic in this area, as the general population seems to be free from exposure to the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum.

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Present address: University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Division of Experimental Pathology, 660 West Redwood Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.