Schistosomiasis IV: Condensations of the Selected Literature 1963–1975

edited by D. B. Hoffman, Jr., and K. S. Warren. Two volumes. vii + 537 pages, illustrated. Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, Global Building, 1025 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005. 1978. Two-volume set, $90.00

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  • Department of Tropical Medicine Tulane Medical Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

This is the fourth in a series of volumes which provide an accessible source reference on schistosomiasis. The first of the series was Schistosomiasis: A Bibliography of the World's Literature from 1852 to 1962, published by the Press of Western Reserve University. This was followed by a single volume of 384 abstracts of articles and books selected from the literature (1852–1972) on the basis of scientific excellence and historical contribution. The latter book was published by the MIT Press in 1973. The third in the series was published in late 1976, a two-volume set of 3,558 cross-referenced abstracts and citations. The set was published by Hemisphere Publishing Corporation and titled Schistosomiasis III: Abstracts of the Complete Literature 1963–1974. It was received by, and reviewed in this Journal, Volume 26, pages 834–835, 1977.

As stated by the authors, the present volumes, Schistosomiasis IV: Condensations of the Selected Literature 1963–1975, are companion volumes to the earlier publications in the series.